Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rose Shoe

This shoe was inspired by the Prada flower heel, and to a slightly lesser degree this pair. I thought the heel-as-a-stem idea was really clever, and wanted to do a rose-themed Muses shoe with a stem heel.

I used the mate of shoe that became the purple, green and gold sandal because it had the right shape (a relatively thin heel, a back section separated from the rest of the shoe, etc). We had bought a clearance pack of four silk roses (though you could also probably do this with other silk flowers or those big boxes of silk rose petals you can find in the wedding sections of craft stores), so I disassembled three and saved one to put on the front of the shoe. I coated the back section of the shoe with Recollections in "raspberry"  in case any shoe showed through, then starting with the smallest petals on the top edge of the shoe and increasing the petal size as I worked back down towards where the heel met the shoe, I glued on petals in rows with E6000.

Once the petals were in place, I covered the heel in green glitter to be the stem (using the ArtMinds fine green glitter that has a little gold in it) and glittered six fake leaves from another bundle of fake flowers. I would like to note that fake flowers are forever going on sale at Michael's to make room for the new season...right now the spring stuff is 70% off and the place is full of autumn stock. If you're planning Muses shoes year round you can slowly acquire lots of good fake floral stuff to work with.

Anyways, once the green leaves and stem were dry, I arranged five of the leaves around the base of the flower (the sepel for all the botony buffs) and one lower down on the stem. I brushed the leaves with mod podge (not coating them entirely, just a little here and there) and added pink glitter.

 Here's the back of the shoe, showing the "stem," leaves and exterior of the rose (before I added the sequin trim)

I wanted the rose theme to go from very literal to more stylized from back to front. I did the interior of the shoe in Recollections "gold" and the front three stripes of the sandal in ArtMinds green, ArtMinds hot pink and Recollections "raspberry." The two brands have slightly different shades of hot pink, which I liked.

I added gold sequin trim between the stripes on the front of the shoe (just like the purple, green and gold sandal) and hot pink sequin trim from that giant Jefferson Variety roll along the bottom edge. I don't show it in any of these pictures, but I did the sole of the shoe a nice earthy brown glitter (Recollections "espresso"). I glued a rose to the front of the shoe, and replaced the center with a yellow rhinestone and some gold glitter.

The finished shoe, top view

The finished shoe, side view

Of course, it still needs lettering (I'm planning MUSES down the center). I'm definitely going to try some more variations on this technique with some other flowers I have in the stash.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Neon 1980's Shoe

Joann's used to carry (might still) these containers divided into four with four colors of glitter in them and I bought one in pinks (which I used on the Blush and Bashful shoe) and one in neons. I wouldn't get these again as getting the glitter back into the container is deeply annoying (I will transfer as soon as I free up some normal tubes), but since I had all those neons, I did go ahead and make a neon shoe. Once it was all glittered, I decided to trim with black sequins to give it a 1980's cartoon vibe (but I will admit that this take on 1980's fashion is only slightly more accurate than college girls dressing for 80's parties). The pack came with four neons (green, orange, lemon yellow and hot pink), so I supplemented with Martha Stewart "blueberry slush" over Recollections "peacock" (like this shoe) for the sole and stripe. If I wanted to do more neon shoes, I would probably go for the Martha Stewart 12-pack of neon glitter.

PS- I can't mention the 1980s without seriously recommending the book Ready Player One. If you have any sparks of 80's nostalgia in your heart, go read it.

Buying Shoes

My strategy for buying shoes is much less developed than for other supplies, largely because the options for getting them at low enough prices are more limited. Thrift stores are my main source for base shoes, but I also occasionally pick up some on e-bay ($3-$5) or at Payless and Target (in the $8 or $9 per pair range). Ideally, a pair of shoes should be no more than $4-$5, but I have been known to go above that for something really special. I don't ever ever go over $10 a pair, because I really hate to spend more than $5 per shoe including decoration supplies (that doesn't include time, just raw materials). I hear tell of people getting shoes from their friends, though I can't say this is a common source for me. Estate sales (the first cousins of Thrift Stores) are also an option.

On e-bay, I'll sort shoes based on price + shipping (lowest first), then bid on any that I think have potential. The nice thing about e-bay is you can set that max bid wherever you want to, and (if you can force yourself to walk away) leave it at that. I win less than 5% of the shoes I bid on, but that's ok because the ones I do win are where I want to be in terms of price point. The disadvantage of e-bay is that, as with all online shopping, you have to evaluate the shoes based on pictures, so it can be tougher to get a good idea of what you're buying.

At Goodwill, pricing is usually hand-written on the sole of the shoe. I try to buy shoes that are in good condition and are in the $4-$6 range. Every once in a while I'll get a $6.99 pair. It used to be all the shoes at Goodwill were less than $4, but $6.99 is becoming much more common.

Shape-wise, the traditional pump is most "Muse-y" to me, but I love peep-toes, wedges, really high heels, high heeled sandals/mules and shoes with platforms. Small sizes tend to work better, so if I have a choice I go for the smallest of whatever's available. The smaller sizes take up less glitter, and in my opinion have a cuter shape.

Teal, Black and Gold Buckle Shoe

I usually don't get heels with straps or buckles because I haven't been sure what to do with them other than cut them off, but this strap seemed thick enough not to flap around, so I experimented with glittering the strap and buckle.

The exterior teal is Recollections (color "peacock"...I have one of the big 5 oz bottles of this color and "orchid"). The interior and sole are Oriental Trading black glitter (Halloween collection). The strap and heel are Tulip gold (Tulip is pricier, but still my favorite gold). I added gold sequin trim around the edges, a feather cluster that was on sale at Michael's when I went to get Greek Fest supplies and black rhinestones on the buckle (I've had those in my stash for a while). I also added a big circular crystal rhinestone over the base of the feather cluster.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gator Loafer CHOMP CHOMP

As much as I love to go back to certain shoe shapes over and over, I like to try new ones every once in a while (I didn't think I was going to like shoes with buckles until trying one). I wanted to do something fun with the loafer shape, so I made an alligator loafer.

The pale green is Recollections, the darker green is Oriental Trading. I added some googly eyes, and wrote "Muses" in green (not shown here, that was later). The bottom of the shoe, not shown in these pictures, is Recollections in color "espresso," a nice dark swampy brown.

I like the gator loafer so much I've spray painted the other shoe in the pair with a white base coat and bought some blue eyes for a white alligator loafer.

Hot Pink and Blue Powderpuff Shoe

I've talked a little bit before about how some of the translucent glitters, particularly Martha Stewart, can be tough to use on Muses shoes. For white, I can spray paint the shoe prior to glittering, but it'd be tough to base coat every shoe in a different color (I stick to gold, silver or white). This was an experiment in using translucent glitters over opaque base glitters, and I'm really happy with the result. 

I first coated the exterior with Recollections (color "peacock"), then the second coat was Martha Stewart "blueberry slush." The resulting shade is a really nice, bright blue that I wouldn't have been able to achieve with either glitter alone (the pictures with flash show off the brightness). I will definitely be trying some more combinations like this (I've started layering bubblegum pink over orchid and hot pink on some shoes).

I'd consider this a good basic Muses shoe: bright colors and plenty of sequins, pink and fluffiness. The pink marabou on the front was salvaged from a flamingo costume (true story: we were getting rid of it because it was not in our top three flamingo costumes). The sole is purple (I think Oriental Trading), the interior is Recollections (color "bling") and the lettering is hot pink ArtMinds.

Heard it Through the Grapevine shoe

We put together about 10 togas and wreaths for Greek Fest a while back, and I had a few scraps leftover from the wreath supplies. It was only a few inches of vine, but also two little grape clusters and I figured waste not, want not. I got wreath supplies from Michael's with a 25% off everything including sale items coupon right before Greek Fest.

I coated the leaves with green Oriental Trading glitter, then traced veins in 3D puff paint and did those in a chartreuse Martha Stewart glitter (not sure which color). I did the exterior of the show in Oriental Trading purple (from the Halloween collection), the interior and heel in Recollections (color "champagne") and the sole in Recollections (color "Muse). I lined the edged in gold sequin trim and glued on the leaves and grapes with E6000.

I'll bring it to NOLA the next time I go (though it still needs lettering). One more mostly done!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Today in Glitter...

I recently noticed that my Pinterest account was getting a little bloated with Muses Shoes research and it was hard to keep things separated. I'm still saving reference images and organizing them in my hard drive, which in a world where Pinterest exists is just foolish. So today I created a Pinterest account solely to track my Muses Shoes research and inspiration, Confessions of a Glitter Addict - Muses Shoes Boards

Also, my Amazon order arrived today! Last week I noticed that the 2 oz E6000 was a little cheaper than at Michael's. It's not a huge difference ($3.21 vs. $3.99), but I have the free 2-day shipping through Amazon Prime and wasn't likely to make a Michael's run for a while, so I went for it. It's an add-on item, so I had to hit $25, so I bought three 2 oz tubes of E6000 and a pack of 100 peacock feathers. Yes, 100 is a LOT of peacock feathers, but buying a bulk bag of 100 for $22 represented a major discount compared to buying them in packs of 1 or 2 for $2 in craft stores. So, expect to see a lot more peacock feathers from here on out.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Asheville, NC

We're in Asheville, NC for a family vacation, but the work on Muses shoes doesn't stop just because I'm out of town!

Yesterday, we went to Downtown Asheville and visited The Costume Shoppe, where I acquired some teddy bear eyes. The place next door (Mountain Lights) was having a pop-up Thrift sale (or "Urban Gypsy Trunk Show," as the poster called it) and shoes were $4 a pair. I got three pretty good pairs of heels to  glitter, very excited about that.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Transfers - Mini How-To Guide

I've been meaning to post a little how-to for my transfer technique (such as it is), and with the announcement of the Hubig's Pie permit it seemed a good time. 

First up, here are a few pretty similar tutorials (albeit sans glitter):

Transfers are pretty simple: you insert a print-out into a ziploc bag (secure with tape as needed), trace with Tulip 3D Scribbles paint, shake glitter over the paint, and let it dry completely (overnight, longer if the paint is really thick). As long as you don't wait too long or put too thin a layer on, the 3D paint holds the glitter. It also helps to match the color Scribbles to the color of the glitter in case there are any uneven spots. You can get Tulip 3D Scribbles paint at Michael's or Joann's (I'm sure other places carry it, those are just the two I'm certain of). I bought a big variety pack on Amazon, and that covers every color I could possibly want and shows no sign of running out any time soon. If a color is on sale at Michael's, I'll pick one or two up. You want to use the 3D paint rather than glue or regular paint, because it's more flexible and retains it's depth better (regular glitter glue collapses as it dehydrates).

Once the glitter is dry, you press a Swiffer down to pick up any un-adhered glitter (Swiffers are amazing at getting glitter up), then repeat with the next color. You can also do things freehand, without anything to trace; in that case it's a good idea to do at least 2 or 3 iterations so you can pick the best to use on the finished shoe (this is how I do nearly all my lettering and if I were perfectly patient it's how I'd do ALL my lettering). UPDATE - I realized recently that inserting graph paper into the ziploc before writing letters helps a lot. I glue the transfers onto the shoe with E6000 (I've also tried Jewel-It and Elmers, but they don't work as well, because they're lower viscosity and as such tend to spread and "soak" into the glitter on the shoe). Some representative images follow.

First I printed out the Hubig's logo, and resized until it was the proper height for the wedge heel. If I'm making a lot of changes to a logo, I'll print the original logo, trace it onto wax paper with the modifications, then photocopy that onto regular paper for tracing (see here for an example of this).

I did the red lines on the Hubig's logo first, then the black lines. Here's a picture of the logo after the black glitter dried and I shook off the excess, but before I Swiffer'ed (see all the little bits of glitter held on with static electricity). 

 The print-out is still in the bag here. I decided the lines on the gesturing hand were too thick, so I re-did that on a separate plastic sheet and glued it onto the final logo.

Here's the original logo (removed from the bag because now I only need to "color in" the white and yellow regions - I don't have to trace anymore lines and it'll be easier to see any spots I miss without the logo under the tracing. I inserted a white envelop under the traced glitter logo so the lines would show clearly. After Swiffer-ing all the excess glitter is gone and the lines are nice and clean.

I traced the "Muses" lettering separately, and glued it on at the end. When you have a lot of detail in a logo, it can help to split it up a little and assemble when you're ready. That way a little mistake doesn't derail the whole piece. As I mentioned, I like to more than one version of anything I freehand: below you can see I did two takes on the "Muses" lettering (both came out fine, but I like the one on the right better as the lines are a little finer/less chunky) and for the little pink shoe Simon is holding instead of a pie I went a little nuts.

I glued the "Muses," right hand and little pink shoe on with Elmer's (not what I prefer, but fine in this case). Below is the logo before facial touching up, he needs a tiny "M" on his hat.

This is what the reverse of the transfer looks like, in case anyone is curious:

I'm out of E6000, so I can't glue all the transfers onto the final shoe until I get more, but it'll look very much like the 2013 Hubig's shoe.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monday and Tuesday 6/17 and 6/18 notes

I have a lot of shoes in the works at the moment, so I'm going to compile notes a little differently for a bit: usually I wait and post all the notes on a particular shoe when it's more or less finished, but for the moment I'm going to compile the work I do in a given day and reorganize later because otherwise I don't think I'll be able to keep track. To give an idea of how many shoes I have going right now: I bought a brand new tube of E6000 Friday and I am fresh out. Blew through it in four days. Yikes.

Mon. 6/17 and Tues. 6/18

- Added "Muses" and last few scales on the Gator Loafer, that's more or less done (maybe some Spanish moss?)

- Started on a Doctor Who shoe...more on that later, but it's got two coats of Recollections "marine" so far

- Added a coat of Recollections "marine" to another shoe (planning a blue, red and gold shoe)

- Worked on a new shoe, the Rose shoe; coated back of shoe with Recollections (color "Raspberry") then glued petals on the heel creating a rose blossom; heel in ArtMinds green with gold; did the foot in stripes of Recollections "raspberry" and ArtMinds green; the sole is Martha Stewart, a dark brown (look up color later); I also glittered six leaves in the ArtMinds green and added them to the "stem"/heel (five around the base of the "rose" and one lower down on the "stem"); interior of the shoe is gold (Recollections "gold"). The foot stripes will need another coat. Once all the glitter is dry, this will get some gold sequin trim and another flower glued on the foot (though this one won't be disassembled and reassemble)

- Teal, black and gold shoe nearly finished; two coats of Recollections "peacock" on the exterior, Tulip gold on the strap and buckle, Oriental Trading black on the interior and sole; added black rhinestones to the buckle and a cluster of black and teal feathers with a big circular rhinestone (attached the rhinestone with Jewel-It glue, rather than E6000)

- Went through an counted how many unglittered base shoes I have stashed, and it's about 25-30ish (the count of partially or totally glittered shoes is approx. 50 at the moment). Assuming I can more or less finish the 50 that are in progress now (~30 of which are >90% finished),

- Added another coat of black to the black and gold sandal

- Added a second coat of Recollections pink on the low heeled shoe that I'm planning to add pink flowers to

- Did the writing to transfer onto the black and gold Saints shoe ("Muses," "2014," and "who dat?") on Monday, and glued that on Tuesday. I need to touch up the black glitter around the letters, it got a little contaminated with some gold glitter and glue, but then that one's done

- Worked on the Hubig's transfers for the Hubig's pie shoe (I can transfer those when I get more E6000)

- Bored the holes and glued in six pink grommets in the "corset" section of the Pussyfooters shoe (that needs a lot of glittering)

- Added a coat of purple (Recollection, color "Muse") and hot pink (ArtMinds) to the orange and hot pink sandal

- Added more glitter to the neon hippie shoe - yellow interior (ran out of Tulip neon yellow, mixed in some Recollections) and green and pink exterior; still needs another coat of neon blue on the front and sole (may put down a coat of Recollections teal to make it brighter - this is a new technique I'm trying that I'll write up later. Once it's all glittered, add lettering and smiley faces

- Added Recollections yellow glitter to the interior of the the Louisiana citrus shoe; that'll get lime green and silver on the sole and heel, respectively. I need to work on the transfers for this one some more

- worked a bit more on the Glow in the Dark shoe

- Added another coat of mint green (Oriental Trading Springtime collection) to the green, red and gold shoe

- Added the mosiac tiles to the heel of the Water Lilies shoe (pictures of that shoe soon)

- Worked on the Ruby Slipper (gold interior that'll eventually become the yellow brick road leading to the Emerald City)

- I bought a pair of faux fur cheetah heels on ebay; coated one with Mod Podge to "seal it," then I'll trace the pattern in glitter, as I did on the Zebra diva shoes

- Pulled out a pair of shoes, one hot pink and copper and the other with a silver interior that will be another blue, green and silver shoe

- Worked a bit on a Tulane Green Waver wedge (saving the Tulane colors: here)

Work in Progress - The Angelo Brocato's Spumoni Shoe

A big project at work has kept me too busy to put in any real shoe work the past month, but I did want to share a work in progress, the Spumoni shoe:

This shoe was inspired by the colors of a uniquely NOLA-dessert at a uniquely NOLA establishment, Angelo Brocato's. Here's the shoe with a reference image from the Angelo Brocato's website ( to show how the colors match up (yeah, I'm pretty proud):

From the website: "A three layer ice cream pistachio, tutti-frutti and lemon with a whipped cream center"

I accented the shoe in a bright coppery-gold glitter on the sole and gold sequins, because I was picturing that big, gorgeous brassy coffee machine behind the counter. I also did a little puff of feathers in the pink, yellow, green and white color scheme and tried to arrange them so they were also in little segments.

Another picture from a different angle showing the white interior and the gold trim

The white glitter for the "whipped cream center" is Tulip. The pink, yellow and green are the result of layering different shades of glitter, especially Martha Stewart ("bubblegum" and  "lemon drop") and the Oriental Trading Springtime collection (I talk a bit more about OT glitter in this post).

I'm still deciding what I want to add to this one to finish it in the way of lettering (I'd like to do a glittery version of the neon sign outside if possible, and of course it needs "Muses"). I'm also thinking of adding some red and green rhinestones in the interior to break up the monotony and give it a candied-fruit/cassata vibe. Because all the glitter and sequin-trimming is done (and only transfers remain), this shoe is currently in NOLA and I don't know when I'll finish it up.

Some Angelo Brocato related links:

Monday, June 17, 2013

Saving Links: Krewe of Muses - Walking Krewes

I just started working on a Pussyfooters shoe and was thinking about how I might do an Elvis shoe (or two...I am living in Memphis afterall), and thought it would be a good idea to organize links for the Krewe of Muses Walking Krewes so I'd have them handy for easy reference:

I will continue to add links here.

Updated running tally

Updating the tally I started in April

Shoes that are at least 85% finished (* = bagged, packed up and brought to NOLA for storage):
1) Purple and Gold Tiger Stripes*
2) King Cake Shoe (repeat)*
3) Zebra Diva Shoe (repeat)*
4) The Jewel Box Shoe*
5) Pink and Gold Butterfly Shoe*
6) Blue, Green and Silver #1*
7) Blue, Green and Silver #2 (need to sort out how to "finish" this one)
8) Black, Gold and Purple (also need to sort out how to "finish" this one)
9) K&B Shoe*
10) Sucre Shoe*
11) Purple, Green and Gold sandal
12) Purple, Green and Gold stripes*
13) Hornets colors - Purple, Teal and Gold*
14) Red and Purple *
15) Ain't Dere No More*
16) Sno-Bliz Shoe*
17) Hard Out Here for a Shrimp*
18) Iridescent green and black shoe*
19) Carnival Harlequin
20) Water Lilies
21) Saints Shoe
22) Disco Goldfish
23) Teal and Silver
24) Purple Haze
25) Spumoni Shoe
26) Gator Loafer
27) Heard it Through the Grapevine
28) Hot pink and neon blue powder puff

Works in Progress (85% or less finished):
1) Cafe du Muses Shoe - continue striping
2) Hubig's Pie (repeat) - glitter done, waiting for transfers
3) Green and Silver Wedge - Tulane Green Wave shoe
4) Glow in the Dark/Neon Puppet Shoe
5) Louisiana Citrus
6) Ruby Slipper
7) Silver and lavender loafer w/daisy (silver and orchid coats on, needs gold accents and sole and lettering)
8) Orchid glittered heel (no theme yet)
9) Pink flowered low-heel shoe
10) Pussy-footers shoe - started glittering and worked on getting the grommets in to lace up the "corset" on the front
11) Teal, gold and black feathered shoe - needs another coat of teal, then feathers and lettering and rhinestones
12) St. Joseph shoe - just started
13) Neon shoe - a few more coats on some of the lighter shades
14) Black and gold sandal - just started
15) Deep purple and champagne shoe
16) Tattoos shoe (started base coat, need to work on transfers)
17) Orange and hot pink sandal heel 

So about 45 done or in the works, and plenty of time left: by my count (this count minus five days), 254 days until Krewe of Muses 2014

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Purple, Green and Gold Sandal

As I've said before, I think it's mighty tough to have too many purple, green and gold shoes. This is my second 2014 shoe in the traditional colors of Mardi Gras and I'm sure there will be more. 

The purple, green and gold on the main body of the show are all Tulip glitter. I love the brightness of Tulip, though it's worth pointing out that it's probably more expensive than some other options because it's made to survive machine-washing. Also, maybe I'm imagining it, but Tulip seems to be getting coarser/chunkier than I remember.

I was out of Tulip green, so I glittered the sole of the shoe with green ArtMinds (a glitter from Michael's that comes in stackable containers). This is the first bottle of ArtMinds I've ever tried and I love it, the green I bought has some gold glitter mixed in and the finished effect is gorgeous.

I lined the edges in gold sequin trim (I bought a big roll a while back) and purple sequin trim along the bottom edge (one of those great cheap 5 yard rolls from Michael's I've mentioned before). The puff of feathers on the back are about an inch of the boa I picked up at an estate sale

Finished shoe! (Apart from lettering)

I don't seem to have any decent pictures of the shoe before it was trimmed, this is the best I've got of the shoe with finished glittering/no trim.
Side view of the finished shoe that shows a little of the green sole and stripes on the back bit of the show. This picture also shows the bottom edge lining of purple sequins.
Top view of the shoe - gold interior will be a little less monotonous when I add "MUSES," probably in purple but I'm considering doing the blue and white tiles.

Weekend Update!

Lots of work this weekend! I'll post more details through the week, but here are the eight new >90% finished shoes to throw on the 2014 pile (figuratively of course):

Heard it through the grapevine

Who dat?

Water Lilies

Silver and lavender mule

Gator Loafer

Hot pink and blue heel

Harlequin Shoe

Purple Haze

Purple, green and gold sandal

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Glitter Recommendation - Oriental Trading

A big project at work has kept me too busy to put in any real shoe work the past month, but I did want to share a quick glitter recommendation.

A while back I came across the sets of 4 or 5 bottles of fine glitter on Oriental Trading. I bought the  Springtime Assortment and the Halloween Assortment and both (particularly the Halloween Set) have been awesome. I would really recommend the Oriental Trading glitter for Muses Shoes: it's nice quality glitter, the colors are great and the price per ounce is excellent: four 2.5 oz bottles comes to only $0.85 per ounce (though that is without without factoring in shipping).

In addition to those two they have a Fall Assortment and a Bright Glitter Assortment at the moment, but I think the stock varies (I would just search "fine glitter" on Oriental Trading). I think the Halloween Set is an especially good buy for Muses shoes because you can get a lot of mileage out of purple, green and black (the latter to be combined with gold, naturally).

There are lots of other craft supplies on Oriental Trading. I haven't tried anything besides the glitter yet, but if you put some time into hunting through the site you could probably get a pretty good bang for your buck shipping-costs-wise.

258 days until Muses 2014! Happy glittering!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

More trim recommendations

In addition to sequin trim, which is pretty much always a good bet, I also really like to trim shoes with a sort of braided trim called Chinese gimp.

I used 1/2" Chinese gimp in metallic green on this shoe, and on a blue 2012 shoe.

You can also see shoes trimmed with Chinese gimp in this article

I think you're more apt to find it at Fabric stores (Joann's, maybe Hancock's) than craft stores. It's a really nice way to finish edges because it bends to follow a shoe edge so beautifully. It also gives a little more dimension than sequin trim because it's got a little more thickness.

Finished Sno-Ball Shoe

I posted some work-in-progress pictures when the shoe was glittered, but not trimmed/finished, and here's the finished shoe:

Finished shoe! A teal and white Hansen's-style cup (modified logo, naturally) with a Nectar cream flavored snoball and a glittery white spoon combined with a gold and raspberry slipper.

"2014" in Recollections glitter (color "teal") to match the teal in the cup and give the toe a little color punch.

Side view of the finished shoe; the actual shoe of the shoe was trimmed in gold sequin trim along the bottom (got a big roll of that off of Amazon) and some of the more elaborate trim I got 50% off at Joann's (also used on this shoe).

Bird's-eye view, interior is Recollections in color "champagne" 

Black glitter sole (glitter is Tulip)

Finished Sno-Ball heel. Modified version of the Hansen's logo (MUSES SHOE BLIZ, rather than HANSENS SNO BLIZ). There's a logo on both sides. The cup is white glitter (Tulip) and Recollections in color "teal." The snoball on the logo is Recollections "raspberry," the same as the shoe. The Nectar Cream color is achieved with Martha Stewart in color "cotton candy."