Saturday, July 9, 2016

A little more Muses shoe inspiration

The weekend has arrived, and I'm hoping that means a little time to set up my new glitterage here and get to creating! Before my little one wakes up and seizes the day with both hands toddler-style, I thought I'd update here right quick.

So, I don't actually like the Monster High dolls themselves (as this Dad put it: "it's like someone at Mattel held up a market research study and screamed 'our Barbie dolls aren't causing as much body dysmorphia in children as they used to!' and then made Monster High dolls to "fix" that problem). Anyways, while the execution is a little problematic, I do love the concept (a glamorous high-fashion take on Goth/classic Horror tropes), and this Buzzfeed list turned me onto how unbelievably fabulous and creative the shoe design for the dolls is. I've started a Pinterest board of Monster High (and Ever after High) Shoes HERE, so if you're ever looking for wild shoe designs to get your creative juices flowing, have a peak (if you missed it, I shared some designers/artists whose work is great inspiration in this post).

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Moved to NOLA!

We are finally at long last moved to NOLA and I am very very excited, though also very very tired of unpacking boxes.

I am desperate to get back to glittering. Alas setting up my new workspace is somewhat low priority at the moment, but I have a ton of ideas swirling around in my brain and I can't wait to get them into actual 3D shoe form!! I have high hopes for a smidge of sparkle time this weekend. And of course I need to start planning more workshops in the fall when it cools off a bit.

Until I get back up and running, here are a few shots of shoes I was working on before the move that are in varying stages of completeness. If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen these, but I know different people prefer different platforms (I met one fellow glitter addict at a workshop who only follows me on Pinterest and she must think I was hit by a bus or something...)

First up - my first "official" 2017 shoe - Rhinestone Cowgirl! A friend of a friend gifted me a bunch of awesome Cowgirl boots to glitterify, and I've been loving working with a slightly different shoe shape. I did a vintage Mardi Grad color scheme on this first one. The boot had elaborate stitching that I didn't want to lose, so first step I covered the boot with translucent white sheer glitter (Gary's glitter by the pound, HOLLA). Then I did the other areas of the boots (heel, trim, sole, toe, etc.) in solid opaque glitter (all Martha Stewart, but I'd have to double check the exact colors). Then I traced the stitched in design with crystal puff paint and added a gradient of gold to green to purple. The gradient is essentially five colors of glitter: gold, then 50-50 gold and green, then green, then 50-50 green and purple and finally purple. I just shook stripes over the wet puff paint and voila - Carnival fabulousness!! I added some white feathers with gold tinsel up top, and some aurora borealis rhinestones which were added post-pictures.

Y'all know I love a shoe with a Snoball heel (after all, I've made four so far). After drooling over images of the bananas foster topping available as a special Wednesday-only at Hansen's I just had to exorcise my food-lust demons with another shoe. Here she is so far:


Ooooh sexy Instagram filter on this shot

The bananas are baked and painted polymer clay and the snoball itself is a foam ball glittered with Martha Stewart "lemondrop." The gooey caramel loveliness is represented by tons of drippy gold glitter paint (Tulips 3D Scribbles, my go-to for glettering transfers). The cup is a plastic Mardi Gras cup covered first with a layer of opaque teal (I want to say Gary's glitter by the pound), then followed up with a layer of iridescent sheer (Martha Stewart "blueberry slush"). Sidebar: I picked up a bunch of sale Martha Stewart glitter at Michael's a while back and now it seems it's been discontinued there...anyone know what's up? Are they no-longer carrying it, or revamping the line or what? I love the effect of layering iridescent over opaque like this - such a rich depth of color! The interior is the same effect: opaque magenta with iridescent sheer hot pink over it, this time Recollections. Gold trim from Joann's around the edges and criss-crossed "straps" made from faux little white spoons (actually craft foam stiffened with plastic sheets, then glittered with sheer white glitter from Gary's). I will have to blog about using plastic in combination with craft foam another time, but it has been a game changer for me in terms of allowing my to just build whatever I want from scratch.

As usual, there are things I'd do differently on it if I had a time machine, but overall I love how this shoe is turning out. The cup needs a lot of embellishment since I love that color blue but it's pretty plain at the moment - I'm leaning towards a riff on the 75th Anniversary cup design, but replacing the numbers with 17th or 18th because it'll be thrown in 2017 or 2018, Muses 17th or 18th year of rolling.

What else? Experimenting with some fish shoes:

Lots more to come on those, including detailed instructions for making them yourself (it's super easy, you just need the right supplies).

Lastly (for now), I made a Jefferson City Buzzards themed shoe as a gift for the Flamingos (who my sister and I ride with as subs) to present them:

More soon - Happy Glittering!