Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Almost there....

Two more days until Halloween, and that means only a few more costume tweaks before I can dive back into Muses shoes!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Work in Progress - Saints Super Bowl Ring Shoe

One last shoe before I transition fully into Halloween mode...

It's that time of year, when everyone's thinking about the Saints pretty much non-stop. I came across a picture of the Saints Super Bowl ring, and started saving reference images in my Saints Pinterest board and picking up crystal rhinestones of different sizes.

It still needs a lot of detailing, but here's the Saints Super Bowl Ring Shoe so far:

What Saints fan wouldn't love to catch a black, silver and gold glittered shoe wearing a big blinged out Saints Super Bowl ring?

For the base shoe, I picked glitters that seemed like they'd coordinate well with the ring (black and gold Recollections and silver and gold ArtMinds). I lined the edges with my go-to gold sequin trim.

 I constructed the ring out of a big sheet of craft foam, I'm planning to post details and hopefully a template here later when I get a little more time.

 Here's my collection ofrhinestones, ready to decorate the "ring," including a pack of big rhinestones I got at Target as a "Pumpkin Decorating Kit" (two of the big sheets on the right plus a tube of glitter glue for $3, which is a pretty good price for rhinestones that size).

I printed an image of the top surface of the ring, and cut out foam fleur de lis by tracing with an exacto knife. Then I covered the little fleur de lis with silver glitter, and the larger backing fleur de lis in black then stacked and glued them to match the ring:

After assembling the foam ring and covering it with gold Recollections glitter, I added the glitter fleur de lis and a bunch of rhinestones, more or less trying to follow the original ring pattern. I added "WORLD" along the top edge and "CHAMPIONS" along the bottom edge in puff paint and glitter. More details will be added on the side panels. Here are some close ups of the ring:

Rhinestone covered silver and black fleur-de-lis
"WORLD" along the top edge of the ring's upper face
"CHAMPIONS" along the bottom edge

I wrapped the ring around the shoe and hot-glued it in place, then covered the seam on the underside of the shoe with more glue and glitter. I'm planning to add lettering on the shoe itself, details on the side panels of the rings, and rhinestones on the shoe.

Some more pictures of the shoe after the addition of the ring:


That's about all for now. Be back in November!

Glitter Manufacturer AMA on Reddit


A friend posted this on Facebook, and it's a pretty fun read. I wish I could use glitter "infused with the essence of warriors long dead" on my shoes...