Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Weekend in NOLA

My husband and I drove down to NOLA to catch the second weekend of Jazz Fest and visit with family. Long story short, we had a BLAST. 

Weekend highlights included my sister and I taking a trip to Hansen's (we hadn't been in forever). My sister got a half cream of almond, half cream of nectar with condensed milk and I got a Brown Pelican (cream of root beer float), both excellent choices. I saw my 2014 Snoball Shoe posted on the Hansen's Sno-Bliz Facebook page after Mardi Gras, and as it didn't wind up getting thrown in 2014 I thought it would be nice if it had a good home. The shoe lives at Hansen's now so if you stop by, you can see it hanging out above the t-shirts next to St. Joseph:

I'm working on more new-and-improved snoball shoes this year, can't wait to share them with y'all.

We hit up Jazz Fest on Saturday and (surprise surprise) I was drawn to the Muses shoe-glittering demo station like a moth to glitter flames. So much awesome. If you didn't get a chance to stop by (or did and just want to relive the glitter glory), here are a few pictures of the gorgeous shoes at Jazz Fest:

Shoes on display
I so love the bedazzled tulle on the cowboy boot!
More shoes on display
Jazz Fest 2015 Muses Shoe

Really hard to pick, but if I absolutely had to I'd say this was probably my favorite. The colors, the big rhinestones, the marabou around the gorgeous!!

I was also pretty crazy for this one, with the pink crown and intricate pink and white pinwheels wedge.

The work area, with Muses signs in the background (We Can Shoe It!)

The lovely ladies posing for a picture with their handiwork
After an awesome weekend and much strawberry lemonade, we're back in Memphis now. We're more or less moved into our new house (including a new shoe work space for me in the garage) so I'm planning to start glittering again this weekend. If my sparse posting has left you feeling a little deprived, here are some sources for extra inspiration I wanted to share:

(1) Muses Shoes by Ani Facebook Page. Her shoes are amazing, transcendent works of art. Her 2014 boots are awe-inspiring. I was literally speechless looking through them - so much detail, creativity, cleverness and artistry!!

(2) Check out Melissa Lee's Nyx purses and magician-themed Muse shoe. Gorgeous work and she includes lots of great detail on the process of making them (which I love and always wish I could find more of online). Be warned - if you're anything like me, the realization that that's her first Muses shoe will drive you mad with jealousy.

(3) Pinterest user Jenn Solberg has compiled a really impressive board of Muses shoes (and I'm not just saying that because some of my shoes made the cut!!) 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Glitter rec - WOW! sets on Zulily

If anyone's on zulily, they have a pretty good deal on the 24 packs of WOW! glitter (usually a 24 pack runs about $20-$30, but they're $12.99 right now) BUT it's only for about another day and they're running a little low...

Update 05/03: OK, I checked back and there are now only eight of the extra fine 24 packs and 22 hours left on the clock...