Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mr. Okra Shoe

Reference images:

After putting the Lucky Dog cart shoe on wheels, I was thinking of other iconic NOLA vehicles and got the idea to do a Mr. Okra shoe. The truck is so beautiful and distinctive, I don't know why it took me this long to think to make a Muses shoe version of it! Again, my apologies for sparse notes and blurry pictures.

The shoe is primarily Tulip red with lots of little applique transfers of fruits and veggies and some lettering (FRESH GRAPES, OKRA and PLUMS on the heel, BE NICE OR LEAVE on the front). The two-tone yellow and green "Mr. Okra" on one side and "Muses" in the same font on the other.

The wheels are wooden craft wheels from Michael's, with silver-glittered Abita bottle caps as hubcaps. The wheels are on axels mounted in wee cable clips, so they actually roll. Red sequin trim along the top edge, silver along the bottom.

Finally I made a ton of glittery produce to load up the shoe with: granny smith apples, golden pears, red apples, heads of lettuce, tangerines and grapes. I hot glued them into the interior of the shoe in piles.

Jingle, jangle, jingle... here comes Mr. Bingle!

With a message from Kris Kringle!

No time to post details/specs, but here are pictures of my 2015 Mr. Bingle Shoe, just in time for the Holiday season!

(Sorry the pictures aren't better, it's tough to hold the phone steady with an infant in one arm)