Monday, December 16, 2013

Roman Candy Wagon Shoe

This shoe was inspired by the beautiful little red and white Roman Candy Wagon. The white glitter is Jefferson Variety, the red glitter on the wheels is Recollections (also the sole, though that doesn't show in any of the pictures). The miniature wagon wheels are from Hobby Lobby. I did the lettering in two steps, yellow first (Martha Stewart "lemon drop"), then red slightly offset. One side says "Roman Chewing Candy" and the other side says "75 cents a stick," both of which are written on the wagon. It still needs "Muses" and "2014" added, of course. The edges are lined with red sequin trim to match the wheels.

Close-up of the lettering
With flash
 This is probably going to be one of the last shoes I post for the 2014 ride, I'm just about ready to switch to finishing up mode. From now until February, I'll mostly be adding last embellishments to shoes that need a little extra pizzazz and writing "Muses 2014" on shoes which are finished except for lettering.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Finished Voodoo Shoe

It was nearly done in this post, but I finished up the voodoo shoe. I made some tiles using the same method I used for the white and blue tiles on these shoes, but in gold and green. I made a set to say "MUSES" on one side, and "NOLA" on the other. It was already pretty embellished, but I figured it should be a shoe fit for a (voodoo) queen, so I also added "MUSES" in green along the back of the heel (using the tiles from a string of Muses beads):

Hot Pink and Lime Green Shoe

I spray painted a shoe lime green, then added two coats of translucent Martha Stewart lime green glitter. The heel and sole are hot pink glitter (ArtMinds). I added hot pink marabou across the front and hot pink lettering on the back of the shoe and inside.

A simple design, but I think the color scheme makes it work.