Friday, May 29, 2015

Glitter at Gary's!

I'm in NOLA for a wedding, and today went to use the 20% off coupon I had at Gary's (if you don't already you should follow them on Facebook to get those coupons). I was looking forward to perusing their awesome selection of craft supplies and buying some of their super cheap $17/lb glitter (yeah, I buy glitter by the pound, what of it?) when I saw a sign that made my heart stop - GLITTER REG $16.99 NOW $8.50

After my head stopped swimming, I bought pretty much every color they had.

Regular followers of my blog know my cut off for glitter is $2/oz, and that I consider $1-$1.25/oz to be a "good price." Right now you can get glitter at Gary's for just north of $0.50/ounce (!) The selection of colors and quality/fineness are great, so the only issue is whether or not you can use a whole pound of glitter (if that's the hold up, maybe team up with some crafty friends and divy it up?)

I asked how long the sale would be on, but the cashier wasn't sure, so get it while the gettin's good! It's an awesome store, I've been shopping there since I was in high school. I never mentioned it here because I didn't know how big their glitter stock had grown (I bet at least partially in response to Muses, Nyx, etc.).

As I mentioned, there's a Facebook coupon that expires tomorrow for 20% off non-sale items, so take advantage of that if you can.

Where to go:

Update: I've started using the glitter and while the fineness is great, I find some colors have a slightly plasticy chemical smell, so I'd recommend opening and using them in a well ventilated space. Of course, my husband says he doesn't smell anything, so it probably depends on how strong your sniffer is!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Workshop Saturday June 13th

Haven't posted in while. Been traveling (first to NOLA for Jazz Fest, then for work) and working on the cake shoe tutorials which are coming along nicely. I'm also now preparing to do a Glittering Shoes Workshop in NOLA on Saturday June 13th. If you're interested, drop me an email at drnoripants at gmail dot com and I can fill you in on details including cost. This one will be covering the basics, but if there's interest I may do more "advanced" ones down the line. This first "beta test" will be very small, so if you or someone you know wants to learn shoe glittering 101, email me sooner rather than later.

Happy Mother's Day! I'm sure hoping my day includes some glitter time and if you're a crafty mama, I'll have my fingers crossed you get some craft time as well!