Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pictures from the September Workshop

Had an amazing time doing the Glittering 101 Workshops this past Saturday: we laughed, we glittered, everyone regardless of their experience level made gorgeous throws, and I put a pretty decent dent in the champagne-sherbet cocktails...Can't wait for the next one!! 

For now, I will enjoy the memories by perusing some pictures (credit: Nicole Munchel Photography)

We all look super serious because we're focused on our assured we were also having fun (at least I sure was; see above re: champagne-sherbet cocktails)!

Thursday, September 10, 2015


OK, hubby just ran the random number generator (using an R program that's apparently called "Frisbee Sailing"):

In case you don't speak computer, let me translate: the winner is TARA!!

Tara, since you're coming to the workshop (INJUSTTWODAYSOMGIMSOEXCITED), pick up will be easy - just make sure you've got plenty of trunk space and don't let me let you leave without your extra box of goodies!!

Thank you all so much for entering - it was awesome to hear from fellow shoe glitterers and I loved looking through your submissions for favorite Muses shoes. There's some spectacular stuff out there, very inspiring. I'm hoping to post a compilation here of pictures of everyone's favorites to refer back to when I'm looking for inspiration.

The next time I post here I will have run back-to-back workshops, so wish me luck! If you didn't get pulled off the wait list for September, I promise I'm doing my best to schedule something in December. Y'all are seriously pulling my heart strings with your emails :)