Saturday, July 6, 2013

Doctor Who Shoe

This year I became a Doctor Who fan, having gone from "I just don't know if I can get into such a long-running show this late in the game, there are so many episodes, I'll never catch up..." to "WHY HAVE WE RUN OUT OF EPISODES TO WATCH?!?" in record time.

There are some tremendous examples of geek-chic-footware on Pinterest, particularly from this post on Geek with Curves (side bar - how fun does that get together sound? A party where you decorate sci-fi themed shoes with other crafty ladies complete with an Admiral Ackbar Snack-bar?)

Like most people who approach a Doctor Who shoe, I wanted the main focus to be one of the more recognizable Doctor Who imagesthe TARDIS. The TARDIS is the Doctor's bigger-on-the-inside, time-traveling space ship camouflaged as a 1960's police box.

The blue glitter of the TARDIS is Recollections "marine." I made the windows and POLICE BOX sign using my go-to transfer technique. I used white and black Tulip paint, Tulip white glitter and Martha Stewart "onyx." I lined the edges with black sequin trim.

For most Doctor-Who-goodness, I did the heel and platform to look like another classic Doctor Who image: the fourth Doctor's scarf. I used mostly Martha Stewart glitters, except the purple is Recollections in "Muse."

I did the sole in Recollections "copper" and put a hidden bonus Dalek on the sole with a blue rhinestone eye socket and little copper half-pearl Dalek bobbles (it's tough to see in picture, so I'm showing it with an without flash):

More Dalek bobbles around the heel and sole, like rivets:

Finished shoe right side:

Finished shoe left side:

Finally, because I thought the shoe was good but not quite flashy/Musey/Mardi-Gras-y enough, I added a nice big puff of blue feather boa with gold tinsel in the back:

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