Monday, August 29, 2016

Work in Progress - Popeyes Fried Chicken Shoe

Love that chicken from Popeyes!!

Last year a friend pointed out that there hadn't ever been a Popeyes Fried Chicken shoe and I had to agree that was a shame - what Carnival season is complete without a box? It was too close to the parade last year for me to do anything with it for 2016, but I threw it in my big, groaning folder of ideas to revisit. I recently got the awesome news that I'd be riding as a sub again in 2017 (WOOHOO!) and we're approx. halfway to Carnival 2017, so no time like the present to get cracking.

As luck would have it, my little one caught this sweet light up plastic bone from Krewe D'Etat in 2016. He enjoyed it tremendously until the light wore out, then graciously let mama have it. That's what I've used for the bone:

If you don't have a d'Etat bone in your Carnival haul, I don't think it would be too hard to paper mache one (Google "paper mache bone," there are a ton of tutorials online). If you'd rather use a plastic one, you could keep an eye out once Halloween costumes hit the shelves - I sometimes see them being sold as props for cavemen costume (like this one here). Or if you're already placing an order with an online costume supplier for Halloween or something else (i.e. if you're already paying for shipping), maybe check and see if they have one.

After I hot glued the bone on the heel, I took some scrunched up tissue paper and lightly hot glued that all over the shoe to give it that crinkly chicken skin effect. A coat of mod podge over the whole surface helped sort of decoupage this tissue it onto the shoe wherever the hot glue wasn't holding it down.

Shoe post-tissue, pre-glittering

I mixed up a blend of glitter similar to what I used for the Fried Shrimp Poboy Flip Flop: mostly chunky copper glitter and fine copper glitter, with a little very fine dark red glitter, fine gold glitter, chunky red glitter and just a teeny bit of fine black glitter. If you use any chunky glitter or chunky glitter blends, remember to really aggressively brush off loose glitter after each layer dries because it doesn't adhere as well to the glue and shedding is the enemy.

Here are some pictures of the glittered shoe up close so you can see the effect of blending multiple glitters and layering the blend over scrunched up tissue paper:

I usually do two coats of glitter, but in this case I may either do a third coat or a lot of touch ups because the surface is so craggy, but I'm really happy with the effect. Here it is so far:

Next up: a Popeyes logo and "Muses 2017." Happy glittering everyone!!


  1. How do you remove the heels from the shoe? I've been wondering for awhile, ever since your snoball shoes!

    1. I actually don't cut off the heel, I glue the cup/bone/etc. over the heel. I have cut off heels in the past and I find it's a lot of work and compromises the structural integrity of the shoe. I need to post some pictures of the process for cups - it's easier than it looks!

  2. I LOVE. LOVE, LOVE this shoe!! I am part of the 610 Stompers & my name is 2 Piece Spicy!! I would love to catch this shoe, if only I wasn't riding!